Welcome to the LeanPPD website

LeanPPD (Lean Product and Process Development) is an European project, funded under FP7 Theme 4 (NMP-2007-214090), started on February 2009 and planned to finish on February 2013.

LeanPPD project is addressing the need of European manufacturing companies for a new model that goes beyond lean manufacturing to ensure the transformation of the enterprise into lean environment.  

The aim of LeanPPD is to develop a new model based on lean thinking that will consider entire product life cycle, providing a knowledge based environment to support value creation to the customers through innovation and customization, and delivering high quality, more sustainable and affordable products. 

The LeanPPD project is developing a comprehensive set of lean methods, design techniques, and tools that ensure the concurrent consideration and development of lean product design as well as the associated lean manufacturing systems. This set composes the LeanPPD Model.

Within this website, the reader can find more detail about the project, some public materials, the list of events and the project contacts. For any further request, don't hesitate to contact the LeanPPD Consortium.

Have a nice LeanPPD experience!

The LeanPPD Consortium